Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Noosa Critters

Here's some pics of critters we saw while camping last weekend in Noosa.

This big guy greeted us on the first morning. He's a Gould's Monitor (aka Sand Goanna) and was about 1m long.

Gorgeous tongue!

This Green Tree Frog was pretty annoyed at us taking picture after picture, lots of flashes for those senstitve eyes.

This is a Garden Orb Weaver. It was fairly small (~2 cm) and had cool spikey legs.

Here's a different kind of monitor lizard, this one's a Lace Monitor, they climb trees with ease.

Skink. There were LOTS of these.

Another Skink.

1 comment:

John said...

La seule bebite qui m'attire un peu c'est la grenouille... Pour le reste, vive le Québec frette ;o)

PS: On a eu notre première neige aujourd'hui...