Monday, April 21, 2008

Carpet Python

Now this is getting interesting!

We came home from doing the groceries tonight, Clo was putting away the food and then calmly said: "There's a snake climbing up the window !?" Sure enough, this Carpet Python was climbing up the security screen, with some kind of small animal in its stomach. It eventually fell down to the window sill and slithered across the BBQ then down past the garden and back into the ravine next to the house. I'm guessing it was looking for somewhere warm to digest that yummy morsel.

The window, the python.

Clo loves snakes!

Sticking its tongue out for the camera

Slowly making its escape ...

Along the BBQ cover

Down the propane tank

Into our garden and under the fence
(Look at my beautiful chili peppers)

This one was ~1.2m long, they average 2.5m so this was just a youngin'. They can grow to 4m and have been know to eat cats and small dogs. Pythons are not venomous.

Crickey, that was cool !


Cari said...

holy. crap.

John said...

Wow ça comment à être intéressant en effet... Va falloir que tu prennes des cours de serpents si ça continue comme ça... De plus, tu vas pouvoir changer ton Gecko Hunter pour "Not so big snake hunter" ;o)