Monday, April 7, 2008

Cockatoo madness

Once in a while, usually around 6:30-7am, we get cockatoos flying in the park next to the house. They're such a beautiful bird, about the size of a large raven, if only their song didn't sound like smoker-pterodactyls. They live in groups of about 30 birds, so they pick a tree or a spot on the ground to feed, then sqwak away. Crank your computer speakers to their loudest to get the true immersion of what it's like to live with them. Then imagine that times 30 birds...

Still ... gorgeous birds.

Sulfur-crested cockatoo

Fight! Fight! Fight!

He's smiling!

These delicious guavas never stood a chance...


1 comment:

John said...

Ayoye c'est vraiment bruyant ces oiseaux là!!! Ils sont beaux, mais tu ne veux pas les avoirs chez vous trop souvent ;-)